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Basecamp Business Hub

At Basecamp we believe that entrepreneurship and innovation are critical to the development and well-being of national economies as entrepreneurs create jobs and opportunities, especially for the youth. We believe that more needs to be done to support entrepreneurs to set up and build sustainable businesses in developing African economies. Additionally, innovation in many developing economies has been central to addressing social challenges, improving economic performance, and creating jobs.

Startups are synonymous with entrepreneurial Innovation. Basecamp Business Incubator, therefore, exists to support startup entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas to start and build their businesses.

Frequently asked questions

"What Is An Incubator?"

Startup incubators support entrepreneurs through mentorship and short entrepreneurship  programmes. Incubators “incubate” ideas with the hope of building a business model and company.

"What Is A Pitch Deck?"

A pitch deck is a short version of a business plan which presents key figures to potential investors.

"What Is An Accelerator?"

An accelerator is an organisation or programme that offers advice, mentorship and resources to help small businesses grow. Accelerators “accelerate” the growth of an existing enterprise.

What Is An NDA Agreement?

A “non-disclosure agreement” (NDA) is a legal document that protects a startup’s secrets by holding employees responsible to pay damages if those secrets are revealed. NDAs can be used to protect things like proprietary code, formulas, or customer information.

"What Is A Startup?"

The generally accepted definition of a “startup” is a company in the early or growth stages of operation, usually under three years old, with an innovative product/service or business model which is scalable.

"What Is An MVP?"

A “Minimum Viable Product” (MVP) is a basic version of a new product that aims to satisfy its early adopters.


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