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What is an Open Mic Pitch?

An Open Mic Pitch is a fun way for entrepreneurs to get to know each other and network with the local community but it’s also a real opportunity for startups to receive the right type of exposure to the right people

Who can get on the open mic?

Every pitcher who attends will have up to 5 minutes at the microphone to introduce themselves and their business.

Who is this event for?

Entrepreneurs don’t need to have an established business to pitch! This event is open to people with business ideas, entrepreneurs, and those who are looking to build a network.

What should a startup prepare?

A 5-minute pitch.  A presentation is optional. The idea is to provide an opportunity for startups to get exposure and practice answering questions from a friendly panel of judges and audience.

Open Mic Pitch Events

Open Mic Pitch Night.JPG

Open Mic Pitch Events

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Corporate Innovation Hackathons

Corporate Innovation Hackathons

The Corporate Innovation Hackathons are a way for companies to engage the innovative startup community to solve problems and drive the implementation of solutions to improve the way they work.



•Companies identify areas within their respective organizations where they need a solution. The problem statements are communicated to our startup community via social media marketing and teams apply to create solutions.

•The hackathons last typically for 54 hours over a weekend followed by due diligence and the final selection for up to 10 pitchers.

•A panel of judges is assembled and scores are tallied during the pitching event (online or in-person).

•Prizes can be determined on a case-by-case basis e.g. service contracts, and monetary awards.

•A company representative joins the event as a panelist and awards the final prize!

Basecamp aims to build thriving entrepreneurial ecosystems in the communities we operate. As part of our goal to grow and build startup communities, we host mixers for investors, entrepreneurs, and support organizations.

Our main community event is our campfire community meetup. Campfire meetups allow space for entrepreneurs to tell their stories, hear inspiring stories and spark meaningful conversation. The events also allow attendees to network, make new business connections as well as meet potential clients and investors.

Open Mic Pitch Events

startup community events.jpg

Startup Community Events

Startup Community Events

Entrepreneur & innovation workshop and bootcamps.JPG

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Workshops and Bootcamps

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Workshops and Bootcamps

Entrepreneurship & innovation workshops and bootcamps aim to improve the number of innovative business ideas in the startup ecosystems which we serve.

We run workshops and bootcamps with experts in various fields to guide aspiring startup founders in identifying innovative and viable business ideas which we will be able to support in our various programmes.

Our technology bootcamps offer short, intense courses that aim to develop participants' skills in topics such as web development, software design, mobile app development, information technology security, and data science.

We aim to attract technology professionals looking to strengthen their already existing skill set and career switchers who want to gain new technology skills. Our bootcamps will support participants to identify or solidify a tech business idea as well as improving their employability.

Technology Bootcamps

Tech bootcamps.jpg

Technology Bootcamps

Mentorship and busines coaching.JPG

Mentorship and Business Coaching

Mentorship and Business Coaching

Basecamp has a network of business coaches and mentors which it avails to the startups in its programmes. We believe that business coaching and mentorship bridge the gaps in the accessibility and affordability of startup skills, our network of business advisors supports and strengthens our startups with appropriate advice. This includes building leadership skills, creating business strategies, or improving their entrepreneurship mindset in order to achieve business goals.

We focus on the following priority areas for business coaching and mentorship:



•Sales & Marketing

•Finance & Accounting

•Human Resources


•Legal & Compliance

Pre-seed Funding

Basecamp awards startups with pre-seed funding through various investment funds which take the form of equity, debt, and grant funding. The recipients are supported by mentors and business coaches and an internal team to build their ventures to new heights.


The funding combines business incubation with investment to catalyze the growth of startups. We believe that improving perceptions of risk and reward by de-risking initial investments encourage new market entrants and will incentivize further private-sector investment to contribute to broader systemic and transformational economic change in the communities in which we operate.

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Pre-seed Funding

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