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Our Programmes

Programmes are core to what Basecamp does.


Basecamp runs annual incubation and acceleration programmes for aspiring and serial entrepreneur.

The training starts at the idea or seed stage and continues onto the final acceleration phase, equipping the entrepreneur with the skills, community and support required for their businesses to flourish.

The Hunt PB.png

Hunt Programme

Programme Length: 4 weeks

Number of participants: 30-50

Topics covered:

•How To Identify a Feasible Business Idea

•Design Thinking Methodology

•Business Model

•Financial Model


The Basecamp Hunt Programme is an idea validation programme designed to assist the entrepreneur in defining the feasibility, desirability & viability of their early-stage idea.

The Hunt Programme (hunt for the right idea), supports aspiring entrepreneurs with the right tools to validate their business idea using the design thinking methodology. The programme supports entrepreneurs who would like to answer the question, "I have an idea, but is it a business?".

The programme onboards aspiring entrepreneurs to learn and apply the design thinking methodology to their idea and transform it into business concepts. Design thinking provides a structured process that helps innovators break free of counterproductive tendencies obstructing innovation.

The Cooking PB.png

Cook Programme

Program Length: 8 weeks
Number of participants: 20-30
Topics covered:

•Product Development


•Finance & Accounting

•Sales & Marketing 


•Human Resources

•Legal & Compliance

Trade PB.png

Trade Programme

Programme Length: 6 Months
Number of participants: 10-20

•Administration Functions in Place (Finance, Marketing and Legal ect.)

•Finetuning Business Model

•Improved Sales

•Attract Growth Capital (Debt/ Equity)


•Ready to Scale to New Markets

The Basecamp Cook Programme is an incubation programme providing graduates of the Hunt Programme and early-stage companies with the business, product, and entrepreneur development they need in order to start generating or growing sales and move towards acquiring funding or other growth milestones. 

The program is built for full-time teams that have validated an idea, built a low or high-resolution prototype, and are getting closer to gaining product-market fit. It can also serve small businesses that have been operating but wish to ensure they have a strong company foundation and aim to grow revenue over the next 12 months. 

The overall outcome of the program is a business plan for the participant that provides a clear growth path for companies seeking to raise funding or generate their first revenue.

The Basecamp Trade Programme is a 6-month pre-acceleration programme that gives developing startups access to training, mentorship, investors and other support that help them become stable, self-sufficient businesses. The aim is to get the startups in the programme ready for investment.

Companies that will be accepted into our Trade Programme are startups that have moved beyond the earliest stages of getting established. They will be graduates of our Cook Programme or applicants that have proven that they have traction and product market fit.

Startups in our Trade Programme are often provided with pre-seed financing in order to improve their probability of success.

Export PB.png

Export Programme

Programme Length: 12-24 Months
Number of participants: 5-10

•Build the capacity of the selected companies to attract and secure funding

•Accelerate access to market

•Support the startups to attract, develop and retain quality talent to their teams

•Connect participating startups with the local and African ecosystems

The Basecamp Export Programme is an acceleration programme for startups ready to scale into new markets. This programme aims to support startups through an investor readiness programme for further expansion. The core objective of the Export Programme is to support startup founders in further developing their businesses into viable entities as well as obtain funding to improve and expand their operations. In addition to supporting founders, this programme aims to contribute to building the startup pipeline for venture capital firms. 

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